Media Kit


Friends in the Media,

Glad you have found our page designed to help make your work a bit easier.  We hope it helps generate creative thoughts.  The downloadable Media Kit contains:

  • 40 quality photos (rights are owned by Mount Angel Oktoberfest)
  • Background paper on Mount Angel’s Oktoberfest
  • A site map of Oktoberfest (courtesy Mount Angel Publishing)
  • How Oktoberfest gives back to the communities in a big way!

Feel free to contact us if you would like:

  • A tour of Oktoberfest showing you the highlights and good photo opportunities
  • Ideas for stories
  • Photos (or different resolution of photos)
  • Descriptions of events
  • Press pass
  • or if you just have clarification questions – we love to share our passion for Oktoberfest!

Press passes are always available all four days of Festival – please visit our Information Booth upon arrival at Oktoberfest with your credentials.  The Information Booth is located right next to City Hall at 5 N. Garfield St.  Mount Angel.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Download the Media Kit (zip) ~80MB