Food & Crafts


Food and Crafts Downtown

Mount Angel’s Oktoberfest is so large it can’t be confined to any one space.  Oktoberfest flows out of the venue doors and through the entire downtown of Mount Angel.

In the downtown area there is the Glockenspiel, the Die Früchtsäule (the Harvest Monument), the Maibaum (Tree of Trades), the Bandstand, Information Booth and all the delicious food booths!  The food booths appearing as little Alpine Chalets are bordered on the north side by the Arts and Crafts vendors.  This is the heart of Oktoberfest!

Creating an Opportunity for Other Non-Profits

One of the most important missions of the Oktoberfest is to create an opportunity for other non-profit organizations to raise funds for their good works.  Every Oktoberfest food chalet is run by a non-profit organization. Each purchase you make at a food booth contributes to their success.  So eat and enjoy! It not only tastes good, you are doing good!

The artisans who bring their products to Oktoberfest rent their space for sales.  These are not restricted to non-profits, but the proceeds from the rent are given back to our communities in the form of grants each year.

These artisans bring hand made products and custom made items.  This area of the festival is a great place to wander and find treasures.

After strolling through downtown, watching the Glockenspiel and catching a show at the Bandstand, look for a hidden gem behind the Glockenspiel on Garfield St.,  1/2 block north you will find the Prostgarten.