Introducing the Hopfengarten, in English, the Hop Garden.

Oktoberfest opens a new venue in 2018.  We are excited to bring you the Hopfengarten, sponsored by Mt. Angel Vitamins.  

This venue is modeled after the successful Prostgarten.  Named the Hop Garden in honor of the hop harvest, and hey, the Biergarten was already taken.

Focus on Local Beers

The beers in this Garten will be from smaller local brewers.  These beers may never grace the shelves of your grocery store, but they are produced by brewers who enjoy the craft and art of blending hops and malt to make something unique and satisfying.

In it’s inaugural year, the Hopfengarten will feature beers from:

  • Heater Allen (McMinnville)
  • Block 15 (Corvallis)
  • Seven Brides (Silverton)

There will be a selection of wines to choose from as well.

The Hopfengarten Menu for 2019

No Cover Charge

The Hopfengarten will have free entry, but those over 21 will receive a white wristband identifying them as being of legal drinking age by our helpful Security Staff and Beverage Service Monitors.

Corn on the cob

Favorite Foods from the Streets

As with any of our venues, you are welcome to bring in your food from the streets, grab a beer and relax.  Our non-profit organizations housed in their little food chalets along the streets sell an incredible selection, we wouldn’t want to limit your choices, so pile your plates high and come on in!

Acoustic Accordion

Entertainment will be provided by those wonderful volunteers with the Rose City Accordion Club.  These folks create the atmosphere we love, at a volume level that allows for easy conversation over a sausage and beer.

Acustic Accordion

The new Hopfengarten will be located on the corner of Garfield and Church St.  Many people will recognize this as the location of the Boy Scout Breakfast and the old location of the NW Natural tents.  As a bonus, this will allow us to share the tents from NW Natural through out the festival making shaded seating available in more locations.