BierZelt (Beer Tent)

The BierZelt, the biergarten inside the Biergarten; where special brews are served to those looking for variety and unique offerings. The beer selection group is focusing on small brewer and small batch offerings. But when trying to bring that concept to a Garten the size of the Biergarten it took ingenuity. They needed outstanding brewers, who could offer up many styles, but could provide the quantities that our patrons are prepared to consume.

10 Barrel and Widmer

The solution is brilliant – get two of Portland’s best and oldest breweries who have the experience to create a vast variety of styles and who have sales strong enough that they create volume when they brew. Widmer Brothers Brewing and 10 Barrel Brewing are a pair that can provide.

BierZelt will have some special seasonals and small batches that have proven phenomenal always available on the BierZelt bar, others will rotate.

Widmer specials: Dreifecta (German pilsner), Juicy Sunrise (Hazy IPA), and OKTO (Marzen)

+ at least 4 beers on a rotating tap.

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10 Barrel specials: Profuse Juice (Hazy IPA), India Pale Kolsch, PUB Beer

+ at least 4 beers on a rotating tap.

To enter the BierZelt, start by entering the Biergarten. Once inside, just take a right and walk out to the south end and you have arrived – the BierZelt!