• Glockenspiel

    Sept 17 - 20, 2020

    Join us in September to celebrate and 'Eat, Drink and Polka!'

Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel

A celebration of the harvest in Bavarian style.
A wonderful blend of family fun, music, food and beer.

Join us September 17-20, 2020 for our 55th celebration!

Mount Angel Oktoberfest Continues to plan for 2020 Festival.

We are closely monitoring word from our civic leaders to know if we will be allowed to hold the festival. We are actively communicating with them. We will be looking to other groups during the summer to see how other events manage during COVID-19 as well.

Mount Angel Oktoberfest remains flexible

  • We have no salaries for our Board of Directors.
  • We have laid in our infrastructure and are capable of assembling a large festival in a matter of weeks and days.
  • We are in close contact and have strong relationships with our vendors and support groups

Importance of the festival

  • We are concerned for our non-profit groups that have the food booths as their main source of income for a year.
  • Our arts and crafters would miss the income as well.
  • Our musicians and entertainers are supported by the income they receive from us.
  • We distribute financial support to other non-profits with our festival proceeds.
  • And after all this social distancing – people are hoping for a chance to interact, even if it may look a bit different.

If we have to cancel

Should Mount Angel Oktoberfest need to cancel, we will be in contact directly.

  • Entertainers will be contacted by Brian B.
  • Distributors and Brewers will be contacted by Peter S.
  • Foodbooth contact is Chris H.
  • Arts and Crafts contact is Jeff C.

Other questions can be directed to info@oktoberfest.org and it will be responded to by PR or directed to the appropriate Oktoberfest Board Director.