• Masked Papa Oompah and festival goers

    Join us in September to celebrate and 'Eat, Drink and Polka!' Zuhaus Edition

Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel

Eat, Drink, Polka! Zuhaus Edition (At Home Edition)

Join us September 2020 for our 55th celebration!

2020 Format outlined

Oktoberfest 2020;  Eat, Drink, Polka!  Zuhaus Edition (at home edition)

COVID-19 has thrown everyone a curve ball. We are restructuring the format for 2020 and working to make the best of the Mount Angel Oktoberfest accessible without the crowds. There will be virtual entertainment, German and local craft beer available for purchase, food booths and souvenirs.

Please keep in mind – this is a DRAFT format, and we are making changes to improve our Zuhaus Edition Oktoberfest.

Donations:   The donations will be taken for the non-profit groups run our food booths and to support the infrastructure of Oktoberfest through the 2020-2021 gap between festivals. Remember, Oktoberfest has no paid employees, all the Directors are volunteers.

Entertainment:  one evening 4pm-10pm Saturday, Sept 19. This will include some live entertainment, some taped performances. Our contributing entertainers will include:

  • Festival Brass
  • Chardon Polka Band
  • Z-Musikmakers
  • Donaumusikanten
  • Molly B and the Squeezebox Band
  • Die Schlauberger
  • Board members competing in the Olympics

To participate in the entertainment, visit the on-line store and purchase the entertainment link. We will need your email address, so be sure you are accurate typing it in, and we will send the link

Beverages: We will have some of the best local crafts in bottles or cans and German import favorites available for Pick-up. Along with Pepsi products and German wines imported by Kastle Hill for order and pick up.

Merchandise:  We are creating an on line catalog to sell 2020 T-shirts and sweatshirts, blinky buttons and hatpins. We will have the annual stein, and wine glasses available as well.

Food: Sausage will be available in our store. It will be frozen when placed in your order.

Food booths will be set up at a location of their choosing.  Each booth will establish their times/dates and method of sales.  For example they could choose to pre-sale only, take walk ups or deliver as they choose.  Oktoberfest will list their locations, availability, menu and contact information, and promote them on social media, and our web page. Please remember not all the food booths will be able to participate, some are staffed primarily by an elder population, and they don’t wish to be at risk.

See you at Pick Up:

  • Thursday, September 17 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Friday, September 18 from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Saturday, September 19 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

(sorry, no growler fills)