Prostgarten at the Mt Angel Oktoberfest

The Prostgarten is a hidden treasure in downtown Mount Angel. At the corner of Garfield and College Sts, it is located behind the Glockenspiel and it’s sponsor, Columbia Bank, and a row of food booths. Inside the Prostgarten you will hear gentle acoustic accordion music that allows for easy conversation.

Sponsor Columbia Bank

The Prostgarten beers are Oregon’s Craft finest; these beers are from small local brewers that are self distributed. These are beers that are rarely available outside of their home towns.

Get a glass of German white wine which is known world wide for its superior quality, or taste a German red wine made from a grape you may never have heard of, like Dornfelder or Acolon and enjoy the discovery of a new favorite. Bring your food favorites from the outside food booths and relax. The Prostgarten offers free admittance and is a locals’ place to meet with friends and family.

Take a seat under the tent or on the enclosed patio, have a chat with friends, and watch the crowds go by in our quiet downtown sanctuary.

Oktoberfest says “Thank you!” to the volunteers from the Rose City Accordion Club and their friends who provide the music. Their talents are very much appreciated.

Prostgarten menu for 2019 This will give you an idea of the brands and beer styles you can expect for 2021.

Families welcome at all times;

Open from Noon – 9:00pm Thursday, Friday and 11:00 to 9:00 Saturday; Sunday open from Noon – 6:00pm.
Mount Angel Oktoberfest believes everyone should enjoy their beverages responsibly and plan for a safe evening in advance. We provide several options to help make that happen: