Marion County Citizens Band – great band sound every day on the Bandstand

Great entertainment at the Bandstand, located near City Hall and the Die Früchtsäule, our Harvest Monument,this entertainment is entirely free for all to enjoy.

Plenty of bleachers for seating and watching the performances. Lots of fun, family and tradition can be found here.

Every morning begins with a traditional Webertanz performed by the Mount Angel School children.

Friday and Saturday night the Bandstand is the location for street dancing for all ages.

Children’s Webertanz and dance performances are great fun and beautifully performed. Check the schedule below for performance times.


All ages join the celebration when the Chicken Dance begins.Easy to learn, and brings everyone into the fun of Oktoberfest.

Traditional dancers perform at the Bandstand.

Traditional dancers perform at the Bandstand.

Check out the Bandstand Events Schedule >

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