Mount Angel Heritage Tent

Mount Angel Heritage Tent:  here for the 2016 Festival

Three reasons to stop by the special tent near the Information Booth and in front of City Hall.

1- Glockenspiel Historic Figurines
2- Mount Angel Heritage Trail
3- Passport to Germany stamp location

Glockenspiel Historic Figurines:

Have your picture taken with Papa Oompah! Usually these carvings adorn the  Mount Angel Glockenspiel; the Kalapuya Indian brave, Mathias Butsch, Father Adelheim Odermatt, Sister Bernardine Wachter, and Papa Oompah, are usually out of reach, high above the crowd performing every hour for your enjoyment.  This one year, the Glockenspiel is showing off it’s new Military figurines highlighting the service of Mount Angel area Veterans.  This displaces the historic figurines for a few weeks and allows you to get up close and meet them face to face!  For more on each of the figurines check out the listing under Mount Angel Attractions.

Mount Angel Heritage Trail:

The Heritage Trail  winds through Mount Angel showing the historical buildings and sites that grew the community.  View the historical sites of this German/Swiss community, understanding it’s Catholic heritage and the roots that have grown deep.  The trail is about 3.2 miles long, and can be completed in about 1 hour at a comfortable walking pace.

The first settlers appeared in this area in the 1850’s. A group of German Catholic settlers began to influence the community in 1867. The first to arrive was Robert Zollner and his family. When Mathias Butsch arrived he was so impressed with what he found here that he advertised the advantages of the area in two Midwestern German language newspapers.  With the arrival of Butsch, the Catholic community found their leader  It wasn’t long before the sounds of German became commonplace in and around the settlement.

Passport to Germany:

One of the locations to stamp your passport, and put your on your way to the drawing for two tickets from Lufthansa to anywhere they fly in Germany!


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