Attractions – What to Do at Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest is a blend of activities and entertainment focused on Bavarian and German Culture.

There really is something for everyone at Mount Angel Oktoberfest.  The variety of activities surprises many.

Live Music and Dance:

Live music in 5 entertainment venues beginning at noon each day.  Mt. Angel’s Oktoberfest prides itself on top quality entertainment.  The bands and musicians are brought in from Germany, Ohio, New York, Canada, and all over the western United States.

Oktoberfest is made for dancing!  Watch the fun and prowess of the traditional dance groups.  Marvel at the Kleinstadtlers  who have a non-traditional take on German Dance.  Enjoy the sweetness of the Mt. Angel School children performing the Webertanz, Schottische or Schuchplatter at the Bandstand.

Step onto the dance floor your self at the Weingarten, Biergarten or Alpinegarten.  When non-dancing performers are playing at the Bandstand, all are welcome to dance in the streets during musical performances.  If you wanted to learn some of these fun dances – come to the Street Dance on Friday and Saturday nights.

Food, Beer and Wine


Each of the 4 Gartens offering bier have have different offerings.  This allows us to offer about 30 beers through out the festival.

1-Biergarten beers

In 2017 will have a specially made Oregon Craft Beer from Hopworks Urban Brewery and several other tasty NW style craft beers.  Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr  will bring the best and finest straight from Germany for our Oktoberfest.  For a complete selection check out the menu on the Biergarten page.  The selection committee will have a cider as well as a radler on tap.

2- Weingarten beers

In 2017 will celebrate Oktoberfest with Warsteiner beers! and special German import that will only be available in the United States at Mt. Angel’s Oktoberfest – Frankenheim .  This beer has been available in Germany for over 260 years.  Now it is our turn, come and taste this exclusive import for the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest.  When we say exclusive – we mean exclusive – nowhere else in the Western Hemisphere will pour the Frankenheim Alt.  This beer has been brewed in Germany for the 160 years, we are proud to share it with our guests. If there are any kegs left, you may find them in a NW establishment, but we aren’t known for having lots of leftovers!  This year the Weingarten will have Atlas Blackberry Cider on tap.

3- Alpinegarten beers

While the Alpinegarten is smaller than the Weingarten or Biergarten, it’s beer menu is powerful.  Traditional Germans from Weihenstephaner, Craft Beers from Boneyard including their new blood orange Incredible Pulp extra pale ale and pFriem.

4- Prostgarten beers

The quiet Prostgarten, located downtown, slightly hidden behind a row of food booths, offers Andechs beers in 2017.


Just as the beers are different in each venue, the wines abound and have great variety through out the festival.  Check the menus in each venue for their selections.

Love NW and California wines – got that! – they are on the menus! But don’t shy away from trying a German wine made from grapes you haven’t heard of like Regent, Dornfelder,  or Acolon.  The German whites are famous, Muller-Thurgau, Reisling, and Gewurtztraminer.  These lovelies are imported from Germany by Kastle Hill

Food! Glorious Food!

Our food booths, about 50 of them, are non-profits and staffed by volunteers.  These folks are here to serve you some great food and are happy to do it.  Food varies from sausage, brauts and kraut to fish tacos and Russian cuisine.  This is a folk festival, and the offerings reflect the background of our folk.

Bavarian Culture

  • Germanic/Bavarian cultural landmarks
  • Beautiful St. Mary Church a Gothic jewel set in the Willamette Valley
  • Benedictine Sisters Monastery
  • Mount Angel Abbey and Bookstore


A variety of sporting activities we can challenge your abilities or your prowess as a spectator in the sports of volley ball, football (American), golf.  For those of you who are runners – Game On!  Race Northwest puts on a 1/2 marathon, a 10K and a 5K run/walk on Saturday each festival.  Come, burn off a few calories before you begin!

And More!

Take the time to wander around and see the sites Mount Angel has to offer. Check the schedule for days and times.



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